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WAKO Cadet and Junior World Championships

Dato: 13.11.2020 / 22.11.2020 - Beograd, Serbia - Påmeldingsfrist: 13.11.2020
  Region: Internasjonalt

To: WAKO Europe members

I would like to inform you that several national presidents were contacting myself and the President of WAKO regarding the WAKO European Championship. We have collectively approach Mr Salim Kayici  look at the possibilities of moving the European Championships schedule for early October to a later date in the December.

I can confirm that the European Championships will now take place on December 5 to December 13, 2020.

This I believe is a positive move by WAKO Europe in association with WAKO IF and it will give all athletes a greater opportunity to prepare and be ready for the championship.  It also will allow further time to enable  the possibilities for vaccines and antibodies to fight CV 19.  

Unfortunately, in many countries, no one yet sees when the border will be lifted or when it will be possible to travel again. In many countries, even gyms are closed, depriving athletes of the opportunity to train.

I believe this is a very positive move and one that will lead to a better event and more participation from our athletes.

I remain at your disposal should you require further information.

Istvan Kiraly

Acting President of WAKO Europe

Vice President of WAKO

TEL: +36309400935 Email: Istvan.kiraly@wakoeurope.com

WEB: www.wakoeurope.com

Stevne ID: 6158 Arrangør:  WAKO